IT Homa grows your social networks

IT Homa grows your social networks

Social Networks

The importance of social networks is determined by the fact that a large part of your target audience has an active presence there. Creativity in managing social networks is very necessary for the development and growth of your business. Your powerful and continuous presence in social networks is an important factor in the growth and development of your business.
Social networks are where your target audience is. By managing social networks, we make your business more visible, as well as maintain interaction and increase the loyalty of your customers.

Management steps
Social Networks
In ITHoma

Proper understanding of your business

Proper understanding of your business

  • first stage

Social media is a very vast and overwhelming scene. First, companies should cooperate with those who have a correct and accurate understanding of different social networks and know which of them will provide the company's interests more. Each platform has its own different audience and also offers different communication styles. Some are only suitable for sharing videos. Presence in all these spaces requires an expert guide, such as digital marketing agency IT Homa, who will put you on the right path with proper knowledge of social platforms.

first stage
second stage
Determining the target audience

Determining the target audience

  • second stage

Target audiences are groups of consumers or potential customers with defined characteristics. Itema digital marketing agency clearly defines the target audience for you with good data and can help you create a target audience persona for your marketing team. IT Homa helps you to define your advertisements in social media (social media) and your website or the type of design of your portal so that its efficiency is more for your target audience.

Knowing the intended audience means that you will understand how customers make decisions about their purchases.

Provide suitable and attractive content for your audience

Provide suitable and attractive content for your audience

  • third level

To be successful, social media content must be valuable and useful to your audience. Companies need someone who can spend time finding, producing and creating valuable and useful content. IT Homa digital marketing company helps you with knowledge and knowledge to produce and create valuable content.

According to our latest estimate, Google has announced that one of the three most important and influential factors on SEO sites is the production of appropriate and useful content. Producing the right content for the site will have the greatest impact on the site's SEO. It is possible that your site has a successful technical structure and can perform completely optimally in the technical and coding department, but if it does not have proper content, the ranking and SEO of the site will not improve.

third level
The fourth stage
Increasing brand awareness, increasing interaction with audiences

Increasing brand awareness, increasing interaction with audiences

  • The fourth stage

In today's highly competitive market, it is very important that your brand is properly identified. This increases the possibility of increasing the number of customers. For this reason, it is necessary to always seek to increase it. In this regard, strategies will be presented to you by the ITEMA team to help you achieve success as much as possible. An important point that you need to pay attention to is the importance of the internet platform. In fact, today, no business can achieve good results without paying attention to the internet platform.

Understanding, analyzing for ROI

Understanding, analyzing for ROI

  • The fifth stage

There is no direct correlation between the number of "likes" and the amount of money received. But this does not mean that social media does not produce valuable content.
Companies should hire someone or an agency that fully understands the relationship between advertising costs, clicks, and views.
Using social media platform is very simple but success in it is not easy by any means. Social media is part of the overall marketing strategy, but only if it is done right.

The more professional the IT Homa digital marketing agency or social media manager is, the more prosperous your business will be. The specialized digital marketing team of IT Homa will provide you with a plan and program for managing and supporting social networks.

The fifth stage

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Tariff of social network services


  • How to communicate with customers
  • Designing a social network management scenario
  • Story design and insertion
  • Introduction of products and services
  • Consulting sessions in line with your development and marketing solutions
  • Planning and inserting posts and stories
  • Proper management of highlights
  • Video post design
  • Image post design
  • Occasional contents of the content calendar
  • Scheduling sweepstakes and contests
  • Consulting and implementation of matching and banner ads
  • Coordination of influencer marketing and social media advertising
  • Training for recording videos and blogging on social networks
  • Proposing various effective marketing channels and methods to increase sales
  • Check competitors
  • Preparation of statistical reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to interact with our business customers?

Creating targeted content to attract your audience

Interaction with your targeted audience by like, comment, direct and…

How do you identify and target our potential audience?

By reviewing and analyzing your business, we obtain a lot of information about your target audience as well as their personas, and by using this information, we attract and invite your target audience to interact.

Who is responsible for publishing content on social networks?

IT Homa digital marketing agency is responsible for publishing content on social networks

How to report the growth of social networks?

IT Homa is obliged to report the growth of the number of audiences, the percentage of interaction and the effectiveness of activities in social networks at certain intervals.

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