Advertising campaigns to increase business

Advertising campaigns to increase business

Advertising campaigns

In today’s world, for the development of businesses, advertising campaigns take the first place. With advertising, awaken the curiosity of the audience and give your business a different color. Managing advertising campaigns is the portal that makes your business profitable.

IT Homa designs a strategy for your advertising campaigns by carefully analyzing your business and target audience and implements the advertising campaigns after trial implementation. By measuring the results, your campaigns will become more targeted and you will get a favorable return on investment as a result.

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Advertising campaigns
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Determining the goals of advertising campaigns

Determining the goals of advertising campaigns

  • first stage

You can think of ad parameters as details of marketing goals. Time is one of the most common parameters that is controlled by IT Homa for you, and it is one of the most common parameters that should be monitored because advertising campaigns lose their effects over time.

A simple targeted formula that will lead you to success is: What will happen + how long will the advertising campaign run?

In order to achieve your business goals, target audiences are determined and created with targeted advertising to attract them by digital marketing agency IT Homa.

first stage
second stage


  • second stage

The money you spend on advertising will greatly affect your marketing strategies. So first you need to determine your advertising budget. Obviously, a TV ad on a famous network is much more expensive than an ad on regional TV or on social media.

Never depend on free advertising strategies for your small business. This is one of the biggest mistakes small business owners make. This does not mean that all free marketing strategies are not useful. But there will always be a cost to marketing, even if the only cost is time.

Operationalize the management of advertising campaigns

Operationalize the management of advertising campaigns

  • third level

IT Homa digital marketing agency will tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. It does not need to be very precise. But writing it increases the probability of implementation. Currently, in the case of a simple advertising campaign, you can have an action plan and your tasks and services are specified in it.

third level
The fourth stage
Evaluation of results

Evaluation of results

  • The fourth stage

When the campaign is over, it's time to see how successful it was and refer back to your marketing goals, measure exactly what you set out to know how successful the campaign was.


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  • Choosing the right advertising media
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  • Email marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I run my advertising campaigns so that my budget is not wasted?

At first, IT Homa agency analyzes your business and your market and runs a small test to optimize your budget management. In this way, your budget will be optimally spent on your business goals.

Who is responsible for advertising campaigns and can we do advertising writing?

Advertisement writing is the responsibility of the advertising specialists of IT Homa digital marketing agency, but you can do the advertisement writing on your own responsibility.

Where will our ads be displayed?

According to your product or service, we will display your ads to target users in most virtual spaces.

How is the cost of advertising campaigns determined?

According to your industry and market, the cost of displaying clicks on your ads varies.

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