We attract new customers for you

We attract new customers for you

and content marketing

The main strategy for business success in the internet space is content marketing. If the content is useful and valuable, it can connect with the audience and convert them into a customer. The principles of content marketing include identifying the sensitive point of the audience, providing useful information and posing provocative questions. IT Homa accompanies you to reach valuable content, video production, useful articles, podcasts, valuable content production. Content marketing can bring benefits such as reducing costs and increasing the decision-making share for the audience or buyer.

Content is the front line of your website. IT Homa produces targeted content for your site according to your target audience, and as a result, your target audience is attracted. Leave it to us, useful and targeted content is a trump card for your business.

Content production and marketing
In ITHoma

Goal setting

Goal setting

  • first stage

First of all, we must define our goal of content creation. This goal can be creating user engagement, brand awareness or attracting new members to our email bank. We must remember that these goals need to be prioritized.

first stage
second stage
Audience persona design

Audience persona design

  • second stage

In the second step, we have to design a persona for each category of our audience, according to their characteristics. An audience persona represents our ideal customer based on market research and insights. When creating a persona, we must pay attention to demographic factors, behavioral patterns, motivations and goals. A customer persona tells us how a potential customer thinks, what they do, what problems they might face. Content presentation is different according to different personas and their problems. For example, one persona may be more interested in LinkedIn and another persona in Instagram.

Determining the type of content and content calendar

Determining the type of content and content calendar

  • third level

At this stage, it is time to determine the type of content based on the stages of our sales funnel. Content can be presented in different formats; For example, in the form of text, podcast, video, infographic, etc. Also, at this stage, we will design a content calendar according to your needs.

third level
The fourth stage
Nuclear message

Nuclear message

  • The fourth stage

Developing the core message of the business or Core Message Document. Our core business message includes our value proposition and key advantages that set us apart from our competitors. You should not neglect the message of other competitors in creating content. We must know what message our competitors are trying to convey to the audience.

Content production

Content production

  • The fifth stage

At this stage, after determining the content tree and titles, we will produce the content and its description according to the available sources and up-to-date information. To produce content, you can use different sources such as educational videos, authentic blogs, webinars, etc. used.

The fifth stage
The sixth stage
Content evaluation

Content evaluation

  • The sixth stage

At this stage, we need to know how much our production content is visited. To determine the performance of each content and its attractiveness, several ways of measurement can be used; For example, with the help of: (ROI, CTR (Click Through Rate), traffic review, etc.. Evaluating the produced content and paying attention to the feedback, can tell us what effect the produced content had on the audience's entry into our sales funnel.


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  • Content production based on SEO standards
  • Advertising reporting and copywriting
  • Instagram content marketing services
  • Content marketing training and consulting
  • Check the type of content you need
  • Choosing the right format for content creation
  • Creating content in understandable language and liked by your target users
  • Checking the number of articles required for the website or social networks
  • Providing suggested plans for your decision to cooperate
  • Choosing an expert in your field of work to produce content
  • Providing content in different formats with your agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you produce content for our business?

First, we examine your market and extract the important keywords of your market and the persona of your target audience, then we formulate your content marketing strategy based on this data and start creating content for your business based on that. do.

How does content marketing affect our business?

Content marketing will attract the most targeted audience to your business, and as a result, you will experience increased sales and improved ROI.

Is the content produced by you unique?

Given that Google loves first class and unique content; The contents produced by us are all unique and first class.
Also, the content produced is measured by purity control tools so that the best quality content is delivered to you.

How does content marketing affect SEO?

Basically, producing quality and first-class content will make many people visit your site through Google’s organic search, devote a lot of time to reading your article, and as a result, your rank in the Google search engine will improve day by day. slow

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