Video marketing is the most effective way<br> of marketing and branding

Video marketing is the most effective way
of marketing and branding

Graphics and media

From the past to the present, the language of images is the common language of communication in the world. Users double the power of conveying their concepts by making promotional videos. Motion graphics and making teasers give new life to your business and you can use them to convey the concepts to your audience.

After examining and understanding your business, IT Homa will produce videos like Tears, motion graphics for you. This design and production is based on creativity and attention to customer needs. Quality is a priority for us.

Work steps
Graphics and media
In ITHoma



  • first stage
  • Receiving the initial concept or idea (scenario, manual sketches, etc.) regarding the business goal of agreeing with the employer
  • Editing or completing the concept or idea and making the project workable, which includes the category of graphics and media.
first stage
second stage
Project start or execution

Project start or execution

  • second stage

The implementation of the project by the required software, which is described in the graphics category as the initial implementation of the etude or concept, and in the media as the scenario implementation.

Initial output

Initial output

  • third level

At the end of the project, provide the initial output taken to the employer and make minor changes if needed.

third level
The fourth stage
Final output

Final output

  • The fourth stage

At the end of the project, whether in the graphics category or in the media category, we check the final output with the employer and deliver the output file to the employer.

Note: If the amendment is necessary, it will be done when the changes do not harm the project from a technical point of view.

Note: In each project, the specified steps may be different or it may go through more steps, depending on the size of the project, these steps are basically predefined and the custom of this profession.


Categories of articles

Graphic and media service tariff

Graphic Design

  • Sign or logo design
  • Reconstruction or modification of the sign or logo
  • Designing office papers, organizational papers
  • Designing official documents and the like
  • General post and story uniform in single frame
  • Post or story as a single frame
  • Restaurant menu design and...
  • Poster design
  • Advertisement design
  • Bus body integrated advertising
  • Environmental advertising such as billboards, bridge decks, etc.
  • Advertisements on lampposts, strawboards, stands and similar items
  • Headboard graphics in stores and institutions
  • character design

Media and media

  • Logomotion
  • Dynamic banner for website
  • Infographics
  • Television graphic design package
  • Movie and series titles
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D design (single frame)
  • 3D animation (60 seconds)
  • 3D animation (1 to 5 minutes)
  • 2D animation
  • Stop motion
  • Composition
  • Post uniform and story motion
  • Instagram motion post
  • Instagram story motion
  • Compilation or editing
  • Special effects
  • Making a music video
  • Making promotional teasers
  • Chromakey or green screen filming
  • Announcing the promotional teaser
  • Narration of literary text
  • double

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide the relevant source files to the employer?

The source file is provided to the employer, but they cannot make changes in the submitted file, and these changes are made by the graphics team.

Can I use all graphic services or some services?

Yes, you can use some services or a service for your business and your needs, and for advertising advice.

Are the changes in the work included in the cost?

Yes, of course, it is different in some projects, but after two amendments by the employer during the project, the second and subsequent changes, each change is 35% of the total amount of the project.

Can projects be completed earlier than the proposed time?

Yes, these projects are called force majeure and a separate cost is calculated for the employer.

Does the employer have the right to interfere during the project?

Yes, if it does not harm the project and helps the work process and does not conflict with the contract, and if approved by the relevant expert, the employer has the right to interfere in the project.

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